Disaster management at the local level

Disaster preparedness and response is one of the main functions of the National Red Cross Society of RSM and the Municipal Red Cross and Red Cross branches of the City of Skopje, which are regulated by the Law on Protection and Rescue and the Law on the Red Cross. The disasters that occurred in the past period, from the analyzes made and in accordance with the recommendations, ordered the establishment of training modules for people who are engaged in disaster preparedness and response as well as capacity building.

The disaster management modules available to the MRCR are intended for training of volunteers and employees of the Red Cross / Red Cross and Red Cross Red Cross and Red Crescent in accordance with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The materials provide a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of disaster management, as well as procedures and steps to be taken for disaster preparedness and response, in accordance with existing legislation.

Given the above needs, the Red Cross of RSM will organize 8 three-day workshops for 32 Municipal Red Cross and Red Cross organizations in the city of Skopje. Participants in the workshops would be volunteers and staff from the Red Cross / Red Cross.

Workshops will be organized to explain the steps to be taken for effective disaster preparedness and response and they will gain general knowledge and skills in disaster management, with an emphasis on specific disasters related to the territorial scope in their competence. Also during the workshops will be presented steps for assessors of possible disaster risks, preparation of response plan, preparation of evacuation plan, communication and coordination between entities, monitoring and evaluation, communication in crisis situations, assessment of humanitarian needs, evacuation, accommodation steps, etc.

The workshops will strengthen and upgrade the Red Cross capacity for disaster preparedness and response.


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