Donate clothing

One of the basic activities of The Red cross is receiving donations in clothing and distribution to those who need it most. This activity began to advance and develope with great intensity in the year 2013, with the setting of 8 containers for donations of clothing on multiple locations in the city of Skopje.

Annually, collected are over 4 tones of clothes which in continuity are selected by volunteers and women from socially endangered families, who are then distributed to the final users (institutions, families and individuals). Considering the huge quantity of donated clothing, more systematized distribution was necessary and for that reason in the year 2014 was opened Point for clothing with the support of Alfa Banka.

The point for clothing which can be found in the main building of Red cross of the Republic of North Macedonia is equipped and arranged as a store with a purpose to provide viewing and easy availability of the clothes for all users, and inside the citizens can receive free clothing with a given voucher by the professional service in Red cross who is making previous assessment of the condition. The same point, annually is visited by more than 1000 people in risk, who have turned for help and received a voucher from the professional associates in Red cross of city of Skopje and the municipal organizations.

In the city of Skopje, 9 containers for donating clothes have been placed at the following locations:

  • In front of the building of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, Boulevard Kocho Racin No. 13,
  • In front of the Red Cross Karposh,
  • In Novo Lisice, opposite Lisa Center,
  • In front of the Red Cross Chair,
  • Avtokomanda Square,
  • Skopje City Mall,
  • In front of the municipality of Kisela Voda and
  • Two containers in front of the DHO building Dare Dzambaz, street 11 Oktomvri number 42a,

Locations throughout the Republic of Macedonia:

  • In front of the building of the Red Cross Struga
  • In front of the building of the Red Cross Bitola
  • In front of the building of the Red Cross Ohrid