Greater competition in the labor market

People with a low level of education or without qualifications belong to the largest group of unemployed people in the country. Long-term unemployment contributes to the loss of skills of the unemployed and increased social exclusion. Particularly long-term unemployed unskilled women are not competitive in the labor market at all and are virtually unable to find employment. Their potential and the possibility for integration in the labor market will increase with the improvement of their qualifications and skills. Improving professional knowledge and skills will further be an important factor in reducing poverty, especially among women with low levels of education, who are often at risk of poverty and dependent on the informal economy. Single mothers also face challenges, and especially in the current situation in the country with pandemic risks, many citizens have faced job loss, which increases their vulnerability. Many of them would appreciate getting a certificate of appropriate qualification – state-recognized, which is obtained through a verified training program, which would increase their chances in the official labor market. With work and secured income, they will economically strengthen their families.

The Red Cross of RNM, as a verified organization for this purpose, will train 30 caregivers who in two training groups, each for a period of three months, will acquire appropriate skills and knowledge. During the training, people will be provided with financial assistance for food, hygiene items and disinfection. With a certified training program, women will be able to work as caregivers to deliver care and assistance services to the elderly and people with disabilities.


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