Timely and safe medical transport to health facilities

Health and social services are one of the important segments of the Red Cross of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. By bringing them closer to the citizens of our country, the Red Cross strives to transform the way they offer and expand their opportunities, by establishing socially self-sustaining models.

With the installation of the service – Emergency Button in the city of Skopje, intended for the elderly population to respond at home in emergencies, as well as the planning for the creation of Social Medical Centers in Skopje and Dojran, the Red Cross aims to develop and approximate the inclusive and integrated approach to long-term care and support of the population in our country.

One of the innovative opportunities for the National Society is the provision and offering of the service for medical transport with a medical vehicle, which will serve the needs of the elderly users of the services and services of the Red Cross. With the help of medical transport, timely response will be made to reach the appropriate health facilities to avoid potential risks. The medical vehicle is planned in the future to have the opportunity to meet the needs of the wider community in our capital, providing transport to the necessary medical institutions and the people who need it most.

For that change to be possible, the Red Cross Republic of Northern Macedonia will provide a vehicle for medical transport.


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